Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Lab 7 : Save the pixels

Shooting at ISO 400
Which gives the best exposure? Why? 
The properly exposed one, according to my light meter, gives the best exposure. (The first one) Because it isn't too bright nor is it too dark. We see everything properly, detail for detail & the eyes are well lit and exposed as well.

Shooting at ISO 1600
In which is the noise worse?
I think the second image has the worse noise.

What is the difference between the JPG and the RAW image screen caps?
As we've learned in class, JPEG shots are like "caked up" versions of an image. As we see here as well on the 100% screenshots, JPEG seems more saturated and less sharp than RAW. The colours of JPEG also sort of seem warmer than on RAW, they're less "accurate" on JPEG.

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