Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Assignment 2

Photographing my room or a detail
I wasn't entirely sure if this is what we had to do for this photograph but a few classmates explained and I think this is what he had to do... For this photograph, since I can't find my tripod lately, I had to use a steady object to place my camera on, results came out better than expected. I tried several attempts of avoiding light trails (like we see in the back of this image) but failed pretty bad on my other attempts, this was my best one.
Drawing with light
For this photograph, drawing with light wasn't my first time so I had lots of fun doing this part of the assignment. Sadly, I did something very similar to this for the first assignment and didn't want to re-use the same material as I did on that assignment so I just used a simple light for this one. I like how the infinite sign I tried making didn't come out perfect and that we see from where the light begins. Not many people may like it but in this case, I think it makes the photograph much more interesting.

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