Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Lab 1 : Shutter

Shooting in a busy area
f/16 - 2" - ISO 100

Motion blurred
f/16 - 1/6 secs. - ISO 100
For this image, I had to adjust myself a few times after making certain mistakes. My shutter speed would either be too fast or too slow. I had to set my shutter speed fast enough to I can "focus" the car yet slow enough to "blur" the background. After a few attempts at 1/6 and adjusting the aperture to f/16, I finally got this shot and was pretty satisfied with the results. The way this image is taken makes the car seem likes its going at an extremely fast speed, like the way you look at cars with your eye when they pass in front of you. You're focused on the car and the rest of the world is just a blur. Compared to the other picture of a frozen motion, even though this car was going way slower than the other one, because of the way it's taken it looks way faster. 

Motion frozen
f/2 - 1/500 secs. - ISO 100
This picture was much easier to take compared to the motion blur one. I had more difficulties waiting for the "right moment" because I wanted half of a car in my shot... and I didn't want just any car, so i waited a little for this one to pass. For this shot I needed to have a fast shutter speed, which leaded me to lower my f-stop to f/2. I chose this car because it sort of stands out thanks to its green on the top of the car. Also kept my ISO at 100 to avoid any possible noise. This car just seems like it's parked on the street compared to the other one, even though it was going so much faster than the truck on the other image. It's like a plain simple car just standing there, no movement at all.

Shoot hand held with slow shutter speed
f/1.8 - 1/40 secs. - ISO 400
For this image, I steadied myself by getting on one knee and placing my elbows on my other knee. I started taking shots from 1/200 secs. down to 1/10secs. , even though I knew I wouldn't use that for my blog... because it was too "shaky". Here is the result of my best slow shutter speed hand held :) 

Screenshot of hand held image closed up