Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Lab 2 : Aperture

Still-Life 1 - Shallow
f/2 - 1/10 secs - ISO 100
The shallower the background is, the less information we have of the background. On this picture, our depth-of-field is very shallow which brings us almost no information on the area we are in right now. All focus is on the subject, which is the Tamron lens. I prefer this picture out of all three of my still-life pictures because of its depth-of-field. All focus is on one thing and whenever I take pictures like this outside of school, I get a little excited to post them on social media.
Still-Life 2 - Mediumf/8 - 2.5" - ISO 100
Here's the result of a medium depth-of-field. It isn't too blurry nor is it too sharp. Its as if our eyes are slowly starting to adjust to have the whole image on focus. As I've said on my other post, I like pictures with a shallow depth-of-field, so I guess this one is passable to my preferences. We can also start to determine where exactly this picture was taken. Students and teachers who often go to the school library would immediately notice that this picture was taken there, although you can't be 100% sure because the background isn't fully on focus.

Still-Life 3 - Deep
f/16 - 6" - ISO 100
This is the sharpest I could go with my 50mm lens, f/16. It is noticeably much sharper than the two others, but let's say it could've been better if I used a different lens. On this picture this depth-of-field could be considered deep, everything is sharp on the image from the background to the subject to focus on itself. Rather than having your eyes concentrated on one part of the image, you have other places to look at. We can now clearly see that this picture was taken at the library, for we see a student in the background studying and all the little cubicles. 

f/25 - 8" - ISO 100

Portrait 1 - Shallow
f/2 - 1/100 secs. - ISO 100
This image was taken with a shallow depth-of-field, so the main focus is on the subject, in this case it's Emily. Compared to the second portrait, we see a big difference in the background of the pictures. On this one, our focus is mainly on Emily because everything else is blurred out so which should "prevent" us from looking around. On the other one, our eyes have places to look, the canvases in the background and also Emily. 

Portrait 2 - Deep
f/16 - 0.5" - ISO 100
Like I've said on the previous post, because of this deep depth-of-field, everything is pretty sharp on this image. We can look around & see more clearly the details of the art behind her.

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